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Deputy Members 2018-2019:

  • Heikki Hannula
  • Outi Hägg
  • Leena Käyhkö


Association rules

1. The name of the association and residence
The name of the association is Yrittäjyyskasvatuksen tutkimusseura ry, Vetenskaplig samfundet för Företagsamhetsfostran r.f, Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education. The residence of the association is Helsinki. The association is active in the whole country.

2. Objectives
The purpose of the Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education is to promote multidisciplinary research and practice of entrepreneurship education.
The association supports research of entrepreneurship education and the national and international cooperation between researchers and authorities. The association also organises conferences and promotes and practices publishing activities in the field.
The Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education can also give statements and further the achievement of its goals in different national and international communities and co-operative bodies.
To support association’s activity the association may receive financial support, donations and testaments.

3. Members
Association accepts members who agree to the purposes of the association. A person or a community recognized by law, who wants to support the association and its activities, can be accepted as a supportive member. Actual members and supportive members are accepted by the board of the association. A person can be invited as an honorary chairperson or an honorary member of the association in a meeting if the person has remarkably enhanced and supported the association’s activity.

4. Resignation and termination of the membership
A member has a right to resign from the association by announcing it literally to the executive board of the association or the chairperson or by announcing the resignation to be noted in the meeting’s minutes.
The board of the association can dismiss a member if they have left member fees unpaid or otherwise unfulfilled the duties they have committed to by joining the association or if they have harmed the association by their acts or do no longer fulfill the terms mentioned in the rules of the association or the law.

5. Membership fees
The amount of the enrolment fee and the annual membership fee that is charged from the actual and supporting members will be decided in the annual meeting separately for both groups. The honorary chairman and the honorary members will not pay any membership fees.

6. The board
The issues of the association are handled in a board that consists of a chair, 3-5 members and 3 to 5 additional members that are selected for the board at the annual meeting.
The term of office is two years.
The board chooses a vice chair among its members as well as a secretary, a treasurer and other members needed within or outside the board.
The board will meet after a request by the chair or if (s)he is not able to participate, the vice chair. The board will gather when it needs to or if at least half of the members so requires.
The board is quorate when at least half of its members, including the chair or the vice chair, are present. The votes will be decided by a majority of votes. In case of an even vote the chair will decide the result. In an election a raffle will take place.

7. Writing the association’s name
The name of the association will be written single-handedly by the chair of the board, the vice chair or members assigned by the board.

8. Financial period and audit
The association’s financial period is one calendar year.

The financial statement including the necessary documents and the Board’s annual report shall be given to the auditors no later than three weeks before the annual meeting. The auditors shall give their written report to the Board no later than two weeks before the annual meeting.

9. The meetings of the association
The association’s annual meeting shall be held yearly on the board’s assigned date.

A special meeting shall be held when the Board so decides or finds it necessary, or when at least one-tenth (1/10) of members entitled to vote demand it from the Board in writing for a special matter. The meeting shall be held within 30 days of the demand’s presentation to the Board.

During the association’s meetings, every full member, honorary chairman and honorary member has one vote. A supporting member has the right to attend and the right to speak at the meeting.

The meeting’s decision shall be, unless the association’s rules dictate otherwise, the opinion that has received support from over a half of the given votes. If there is a tie, the decision will be made by the casting vote of the chair or in the occasion of an election, by a lot.

10. The convening of the association’s meetings
The Board shall convene the association’s meetings no later than seven (7) days prior to the meeting. This shall be done by sending meeting notices by registered mail or via e-mail, or by releasing the notice on a newspaper which is published at the association’s place of residence.

11. The annual meeting
The association’s annual meeting shall discuss the following matters:

  1. The opening of the meeting.
  2. Election of the meeting’s chair, secretary, two examiners of the minutes and if needed, two vote counters.
  3. Declaring of a quorum and lawfulness of the meeting.
  4. Approving the meeting’s agenda.
  5. Presenting the financial statement, annual report and auditors’ reports.
  6. Deciding the financial statement’s confirmation and allowing of freedom from liability to the Board and other accountable.
  7. Confirming the policy plan, revenue and expenditure estimates and the amounts of the joining fee and membership fee.
  8. Election of the Board’s chair and other members.
  9. Election of one or two auditors and their deputy auditors.
  10. Other matters mentioned in the meeting notice.

If a member of the association wants to take up a matter for discussion in the meeting, they shall inform it to the Board in writing early enough, so that the matter can be included in the meeting notice.

12. Changing the rules and the annulment of the association
The decision about changing the rules or about the annulment of the association shall be made in the association’s meeting with the support of the at least three-fourth (3/4) of the given votes. The changing of the rules or the annulment of the association has to be mentioned in the meeting notice.

In the occasion of an annulment, the association’s funds shall be used to promote the association’s aim in the way the annulling meeting dictates. If the association is disband, the funds shall be used in the same way.