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Recognition for the Finnish Entrepreneurship Education Research

Our Association vice-president Ulla Hytti from the University of Turku will be awarded with the European Entrepreneurship Education Award in 2019.  The award will be given at the European Entrepreneurship Education workshop in Lund on March, 28-29. Registration for the workshop is open! The Award has been previously given to the first President and honorary member of the Association Paula Kyrö.

Unsettling Entrepreneurship Education workshop in Turku on 13th June 2019

Workshop facilitators are Professor Karin Berglund and Senior Lecturer Karen Verduijn

Annual Entrepreneurship Education Conference was held in Lahti on 3rd-4th October 2018.

  • A full-day workshop for academic writing was held on 2nd October 2018 (call text in Finnish, please contact Ulla.Hytti[at]!

ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference in Entschede, the Netherlands on 16-18 May 2018 – watch the video – See you in Gothenburg, 8-10 May, 2019!


New entrepreneurship education research from our members:


Other entrepreneurship education research publications:

New book Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education. Adopting a critical approach in the classroom, Ed by Karin Berglund & Karen Verduijn (2018)