Publishing activities

Periodical of Entrepreneurship Education

The Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education promotes multidisciplinary research and practice of entrepreneurship education. The association supports research of entrepreneurship education and the national and international cooperation between researchers and authorities. The association also organises conferences and promotes and practices publishing activities in the field. The first Issue of the Periodical of Entrepreneurship Education was published in 2014 and the second issue in 2016. The next publication is scheduled to be published in 2018.

The Periodical creates a forum for Finnish entrepreneurship education researchers and for international articles and writings that are of interest for the Finnish entrepreneurship education community. The articles and writings are accepted in English or in Finnish. There is no submission fee for the authors.

The Association invites Scientific Articles, Review Articles, Dissertation Abstracts and Book Reviews for the next Issue! The Periodical accepts articles and writings in the following topics, for example:

  • learning enterpreneurship, entrepreneurial learning and/or different learners
  • entrepreneurship education and/or its suitability/effectiveness
  • teaching entrepreneurship and/or enterpreneurship teachers as actors
  • different learning and operational environments and contexts for entrepreneurship education
  • theoretical and methodologies questions in entrepreneurship education research

Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Editor Ulla Hytti (ulla.hytti[at]